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Learn how to do daily cooking without having to resort to frozen food thrown in the microwave. These classes will be oriented not towards how to cook specific meals, but rather how to come up with ideas, to have knowledge about varying your foods to the maximum, how to cook a great variety of products and, during the course of the whole week, how to balance different nutrients.

Healthy cuisine is that which has a lot of taste, which is varied and balanced, and not one in which someone is deprived, or when you cut certain foods completely out of your diet.

It has been determined scientifically that low-fat or no-fat products (“fromage blanc” 0%, etc.), with synthetic sugars (aspartame for example), instead of making you lose weight, actually disturb your sensory receptors (since digestive satisfaction is the impression of being full). This pushes the body towards fixating on whatever fats and sugars it finds, or digesting them badly, or creating a desire to eat more fat and sugar elsewhere.


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