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COOKING FOR CHILDREN: simple recipes, pastries, in order to teach children or teenagers how to cook.

You can also call on the chef to teach your children how to make crêpes, how to prepare cakes, and how to cook the standards (steak, vegetables, pasta). This comes with several great advantages:

if you are away, your children will know how to cook things for themselves.

cooking is a real pleasure; bringing a cake that they prepared themselves for a friend’s birthday would make them proud, and it would be fun for everyone.

It’s also good for the health: “food is the best of all medications” according to Hippocrates. People who know how to cook have better nutrition, and the result is better health. Those that do not know and who eat industrial foods are often unbalanced, and their food is often filled with salt, sugar, and fat. The younger one starts the more, afterwards, one knows about quality products, and develops refined taste that is also very good for the health.


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