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  • in a pan
  • in the oven
  • at “court-bouillon”?
  • grilled
  • “en papillote”?
  • in a soup

The chef will teach you how to make different sauces, accompaniments, and will advise about matching wine choices.


  • cooked slowly (pot-au-feu, bourguignon, ragoût)
  • cooked rapidly (roasted, grilled, etc.)

As with the fish, the chef will also show you what to serve with the meat, which vegetables, and which wines.

Poultry: the chef will show you 10 different ways to cook a chicken, a guinea-fowl, a quail, or a rabbit.

The chef will also show you how to put together a cheese platter, how to have at the same time a varied plate (goat cheese, cow cheese, etc.), and to please everyone, those that like strong cheese and those that prefer mild cheese. Everyone will get real fresh cheese produced at a farm. And most importantly... the chef will show you which cheese goes best with which wine!

Pastries: all types of cakes, for big families – afterwards, everyone will be capable of making one that he or she likes.

Instead of just learning recipes (which can always be found on-line), this is a very practical and efficient way to learn how to cook what you want, what accompaniments go best with it, and how to make all types of different sauces.


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