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A gastronomic meal at your house for a festive occasion (more sophisticated meals, higher-end).

Do you want to create a gastronomic meal, to mark a special event?
Learn how to make dishes that seem simple from their recipes, but which will elicit the admiration of your friends or colleagues.

For example: langoustines flamed with cognac, “oeufs meurette,” salmon cooked with champagne, lobster grilled or “à la nage”, quails flamed with raisins, hare “à la royale”, Normandy duck, pears cooked with wine, etc.

Traditional meals, for example the Passover Seder, a Christmas meal, or a meal for New Year’s Day, or a meal with a special theme (regional cuisine, a meal with all duck, a “fondue bourguignonne” with 12 different sauces...).


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